Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who runs Orientation for PCE's visitors?

In the middle of a debate that doesn't have many funny points, these two notes are pretty funny and deserve to be read again, whether or not you've already seen them.

First, from blogger Bill Keshlear here (

Megan Risbon, treasurer of the Utah Democratic Party, was up at SnowBird last weekend enjoying Oktoberfest when she decided to ride the tram up to Hidden Peak. One of the passengers struck up a conversation about vouchers with the other passengers. She seemed well-rehearsed: How dare a liberal, out-of-state, anti-voucher union come in and try to overturn a law enacted by Utah's very own Legislature and governor. She seemed appalled.

Megan had heard it all before and could not restrain herself. Her blood began to boil. Megan told the group, then jammed together hundreds of feet above the ground in a tram swaying back and forth, that a good chunk of that NEA money comes from Utah - donated by thousands of Utah educators who contribute to a national fund to defend local public schools everywhere in the U.S. from wealthy out-of-state conservatives and their secretive hirelings who would come in and tinker with our schools yet won't even identify themselves.

"Who pays your way to come to Utah and campaign for vouchers?" Megan demanded. The twentysomething pro-voucher activist replied in huff, "You don't need to know!"

The young woman did let on that she was from California, but that could have been apparent to anyone. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. It was snowing on top of Hidden Peak.

And this one from Bob Aagard here (

A week ago, I informed you that Jeffrey Isbell was coming to Utah to blog in favor of vouchers. He even talked about it on his blog, until he took the post down. He has also removed several comments left by myself and others trying to get in contact with him.

If you see him around town, call the tip line. 759-1080.

I haven't looked lately for more information on young Mr. Isbell, but I posted a good bit on his planned trip to Utah here ( Today's September 30, so he should be somewhere in Utah by now, getting his in-state blog operation up and running. Hope his travels went well.

I wonder if he was allowed inside the Council for National Policy's meeting on Friday, to meet his "homeboy"? (Sorry, but I'm looking for any little bit of levity I can find in these circumstances, and Mitt Romney is, after all, Mr. Isbell's "homeboy.")