Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What can we do now?

This blog was originally set up with the following description:

A clear-eyed examination of a ballot referendum asking Utahns whether they will approve or disapprove implementation of the first statewide voucher system in America.
As you can see, my mantra has changed. Now that the voucher push has been defeated (for now) we need to carry the momentum forward. Unfortunately, as Desultory Thoughts has pointed out, the momentum seems to be all but gone. Nearly all of us stopped blogging once the vouchers were dead, but the fight shouldn't be.

I'm committed to continue this discussion. This blog is not a one-trick pony and I'll prove it by making you think and exercise your mind in matters of education and politics. Consider that there are things going on now that you may not have realized and it's hindering the education of our children. I'm here to say that it's not ok with me and it shouldn't be ok with you. Come back soon and I'll give your brain a workout.

Edit: Even though I've shifted gears I'm keeping the voucher posts so other states can learn from our (Utah's) experience. If you came here for that it is still available by searching the archives. Every post dated 2007 deals with Referendum One that was placed on the ballot in 2007 here in Utah.


Jeremy said...

I'm glad I kept you in my RSS feed. It is excellent that you're still going to be around!

Barbara said...

Looking forward to your research and analysis. I really appreciated your work regarding the voucher debate.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop pulling on the threads; the organizations and individuals you've been following in regards to vouchers are behind a plethora of other initiatives that beleaguer the resources of numerous states.

Watch for different groups with nearly the same funding sources that push initiatives regarding:
-- imminent domain
-- any anti-tax effort including taxes on phone bills
-- recall efforts targeting folks who've approved any tax
-- pro-smoking (protections of smoking as a choice)
-- more school privatization efforts
-- global warming denials and so-called "common sense environmentalism"
-- term limits
-- anti-affirmative action
-- pro-big pharma/anti-product liability

In a conservative state, the following issues may not come up, but they are connected by the same money and people in other states, used cynically to get out the conservative vote in order to assure success on other initiatives and candidates that support their initiatives:
-- same sex marriage initiatives, whether constitutional amendments or denial of partner benefits
-- anti-abortion

Keep up the great work; your research is helping us in another state as we fight for a ban on smoking in the work place. Other states will surely be thankful for the breadcrumb trail you're leaving.